Can a Derailed Accounting System Get Back on Track?

Railhead Corporation is a prominent solutions based organization in the railroad industry. Operating with three divisions, they specialize in Custom Mobile Video Surveillance, LED Safety Lights and Equipment, and High Quality Air Tools for railroad yards and workers. When they found themselves without a solutions partner, Denise Hornof, Vice President of Operations for Railhead Corporation, began searching for a quality Sage Accpac ERP partner to install the Sage Accpac software on a new workstation. Denise recalls, “When I called Sage, Axis was their top recommendation after I told them what we were looking for and what we needed versus what we were previously experiencing.”

In addition to installing Sage Accpac onto a new workstation, Axis Global Partners redeployed and properly configured Sage Accpac on all the workstations. They streamlined forms for all three divisions by implementing a new printing program and enabled Railhead Corporation to more effectively manage overseas clients through the implementation of a multi-currency module. Axis Global Partners properly trained the employees of Railhead Corporation on the system, empowering Railhead to run the system on their own. Tony Chiodo, a founding partner at Axis Global Partners, comments on Axis’ unique business methodology, “Our clients should be provided with everything they need in order to be autonomous. By training them how to use their system on their own, we build trust, provide a long-term solution, and know that our clients will get a great return on their investment.”

Due to the exceptional support and knowledge provided by Axis Global Partners, Railhead Corporation continues to run efficiently. Denise Hornof praises Axis for their superior service and genuine concern for their customers’ needs, commenting, “Axis’ service, attention to detail, and commitment is wonderful. Their level of knowledge and responsiveness is excellent. I would recommend them above anybody else.”

Do you know of a company like Railhead Corporation that could benefit from our services? If so, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide them with the same service and value that you receive from us. When you refer someone to us who becomes an Axis Global Partners’ client, we give you or your company (depending on your company policy) $1,000.00, or donate the same amount to the charity of your choice. Consider this our way of saying thank you and as a demonstration of how much we appreciate you and your business.

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