Is Your Company Prepared for an Emergency?

The earthquake in the Ottawa-Montreal region last month was a great reminder that disasters can strike anytime, anywhere.  Fires, storms, tornados, earthquakes and hurricanes can all be devastating to businesses, but they can be even more devastating if you don’t have a plan in place for resuming operations following a disaster.  Is your company prepared?  To help, we have posted several emergency planning documents on our ERP blog for your reference. 

  • An emergency preparedness checklist for business and personal use. Helpful tips – The Calm Before the Storm
  • A worksheet to identify critical business functions and the steps and team responsible for resuming operations following a disaster. Critical Business Functions
  • An emergency communications checklist and plan. Emergency Communications
  • A Hurricane Preparedness Checklist (for our Southern and Caribbean clients) to help you prepare for a hurricane’s effect on your business, employees and community by highlighting activities you should undertake before, during, and following the event. Hurricane Preparedness

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