2009 Year End Supplement

The following sections contain information and resources that should help make your year end closing procedures a little easier.  As always, please be sure to contact us if you need assistance.

2009 Compatible Tax Forms
Sage Checks and Forms division offers a complete selection of tax forms that are 100% guaranteed compatible with your Sage Accpac ERP system. Your total satisfaction guaranteed with a free reprint of full refund.

Visit http://sage.checks-and-forms.com for information and pricing or call (877) 580-9935.

For Canadian Forms visit http://www.dhltd.com/accpac or call (800) 497-1475.

NOTE: As an alternative to ordering forms, newer versions of Sage Accpac include the form headers and lines when printing government forms directly from the system.

General Recommendations & Tips
Following are a few general recommendations to consider as you begin year end processing in Sage Accpac ERP:

Check Data Retention Settings – The number of years that Sage Accpac is capable of retaining in historical data will vary based on the edition you are running.  In addition, each company may be set to retain a fewer years than the maximum depending on your specific settings.  So it’s a good idea to double check the settings for all company databases so you don’t lose important data when creating a new fiscal year.

Create a New Fiscal Calendar – Sage Accpac offers tremendous flexibility for entering transactions across fiscal years.  Therefore, you can begin entering transactions for the new year without having to close the current year. But you must first create a new fiscal calendar in Common Services before you can begin entering transactions.  You can create a new fiscal calendar at any time so it’s a good idea to set it up early so you’re ready to enter new transactions.

Data Management – Year end is a good opportunity to “clean house” and determine whether it makes sense to purge old data you no longer need, create archive databases, or expand your storage capacity.  Contact us if you’d like assistance in creating a data maintenance plan.

We’re Here to Help
It’s hard to believe that it’s already time to put 2009 behind us.  As you begin year end closing procedures and prepare to start fresh in 2010, make sure to contact us if you need assistance with your Sage Accpac ERP system during this important time of year.  As your software and technology partner, we’re always here to help!

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