AXIS Teams Up with Key Equipment Leasing – Take advantage of temporary tax breaks

Fast track your business to success

Combine all the benefits of accelerated write-offs for your qualifying IT equipment purchases provided by these temporary tax breaks with the enhanced flexibility that comes from financing with Key Equipment Finance.

Section 179: Recently increased for 2008

For tax purposes, the IRS Code Section 179 provides accelerated write-offs for capital expenses. Businesses purchasing $800,000 or less in capital equipment during 2008 can deduct up to $250,000 of that expense immediately on their 2008 tax return. Therefore managing your purchases this year is critical.  Key Equipment loans and non-tax leases can keep you in the driver’s seat by letting you retain tax ownership of your equipment so that you can use the Section 179 write-off to your advantage.

Enjoy tax advantages for equipment acquisitions exceeding $800,000

If your 2008 budget requires more than $800,000 in capital equipment investment, you’ll need to manage the tax ownership of those assets in order to maintain your Section 179 write-off. By using the Key Accelerator Lease to finance assets over $800,000, Key Equipment Finance becomes the tax owner of the equipment, which also enables you to take advantage of special pricing resulting from limited-time 50% bonus depreciation. Therefore you can trade in unused tax benefits for an overall lower financing cost on acquisitions over $800,000, while maintaining your Section 179 deduction on assets below that threshold.

Feel free to test out our Lease calculator that includes various leasing options.  Your financing package can include hardware, software and consulting fees for terms of 24, 36, 48 and 60 months.  No time like the present to take advantage of the tax savings while investing in your future business success.

** Before entering into any equipment finance arrangement, check with your own financial advisor and legal counsel.

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