What’s New in Sage Pro ERP 7.4 System Manager

In the latest release of Sage Pro ERP 7.4, there are 7 new features in the System Manager module that brings improved functionality and security that become important to this module.

It is important to note that not all users will have the required security privileges to access some of the features described in this article.

The first new feature is the ability to automate the period close process while making the process simpler. This new feature allows for the option to close multiple applications simultaneously instead of one by one which makes the process less error prone and easier for the user.

The second new feature is the ability to archive transactions. In previous version of Sage Pro, the data was moved from the current files to history files when an application was closed. In the new version, users can decide to move the data to history files at their convenience as well as deciding when (and if) to purge the history data. This type of flexibility allows the user to determine the size of the data files.

The third new feature pertains to enhancements in the Fiscal Calendar. Users can now create as many future year fiscal calendars as needed. Users can modify the structure of the fiscal calendars, which includes setting up the number of periods and ending dates independently of the year end close as well as being able to have 365 periods.

The fourth new feature is an expanded user id from 4 characters to 6 characters. This provides more security by allowing for more complex user ids.

The fifth new feature also involves security. The user file maintenance contains a new tab appropriately labeled Security that allows for tighter control of passwords, audit types, and account status.

The sixth new feature pertains to privileges. When a user attempts a process they have not been given access to, the privilege number is identified in the alert that is displayed. The user can then go to their supervisor and request access. Once the administrator is given approval to give the user access to the process, knowing the privilege number makes it easier to give correct access.

The seventh new feature provides default rule validations to maintain default information for customers, vendors, items, General Ledger accounts, and items at location. This makes the entry of these processes much easier because the defaults are all created for and by the user.

If you are interested in the detailed process, please contact your AXIS Solution Provider for further information at info@axisglobalpartners.com.

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