WMS Key Feature Scoring System

When it comes to choosing the right warehouse management system (WMS) for your business, it’s important to develop a scoring system for each feature desired by your company or demonstrated by the software vendor.  Using a scoring system makes it more efficient during the WMS system selection process.  By using a system of this nature, it prevents selection team members from forgetting how a particular system addressed a feature or confusing systems after seeing multiple demonstrations.  The scores also come in handy when making a decision as to which of the solutions reviewed is best suited for your organization.

Please find attached an example of a scoring system that can be downloaded and used during your WMS system selection process.

Download Document

  • If you need assistance or would like more information on the steps needed to start the search for a WMS system, please feel free to contact us at info@axisgp.com.  To view previously published articles on warehouse management solutions please visit us at AXIS Newsletter Archive.  Hopefully this article has provided some insight on preparing your organization to begin a search to improve their warehouse operations to gain efficiencies.
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