What is New in Sage Pro ERP 7.4 Accounts Receivable

In the latest release of Sage Pro ERP 7.4, there are 5 new features in the Accounts Receivable module. From the ability to print refund checks to a privilege to override the sales discounts, these new features provide flexibility, better reporting, and much more to this core accounting module.

The first new feature is the ability to print refund checks for customers from the Accounts Receivable module. Users can now create refund checks that can be applied to a credit memo or an open credit, which closes the credit memo or open credit. This function makes the credit management much easier than in previous versions.

The second new feature is the ability to print customer statements for national account customers. This statement combines all the open invoices for customers that are associated to a national account into one statement. All of the functionality of the customer statements is retained in this new feature.
The third new feature is a new privilege that allows a user to override the sales discount percentage. If this privilege is turned on, the user can edit or change the sales discount during invoice entry.

The fourth new feature is a transaction categories inquiry button. This will display a listing of the transaction categories that includes the General Ledger accounts that are associated with that particular transaction category. The transaction category inquiry button appears anywhere that the transaction categories are required. This gives the user a much clearer picture of how changing the transaction category will affect the General Ledger.

As we have seen, these new features provide the user with more tools that make the Sage Pro ERP 7.4 Accounts Receivable module more powerful than ever.

If you are interested in a detailed step-by step instruction document including screen shots, please contact your AXIS Solution Provider for further information.

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