The Paperless Company – A Winning Example

Last month, we covered the history of document imaging and the benefits of having a paperless organization. This month, we will provide you with a business scenario and sample success story.

NowFORMS, the document imaging solution being highlighted in this article can scan or import directly from Sage’s Accpac ERP. Documents are converted, indexed using one or many parameters, and stored in an electronic archive. Images stored in the electronic archive can be instantly viewed or shared via email, print or fax.

  • Complete Sage Accpac ERP integration up to v 5.4
  • Runs on Pervasive and MS SQL
  • Web-based ( 2.0)
  • Scaleable and easy-to-use
  • Username and password protected
  • Compatible to Accpac modules: Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Entry and Canadian and US Payroll

A Winning Example

There is a direct relationship between business documents and business performance.

Recently, NowDocs, Inc. helped a large distributor improve their invoice processing and delivery needs by implementing a system that manages the convergence of paper to digital documents with their web-based solution (NowFORMS). This change increased their ability to distribute documents electronically and alleviated rising costs associated with customer complaints, service interruptions, and mailing expenses.

The Challenge

Refrigeration Supplies Distributor (RSD) is one of the leading HVAC parts suppliers in the west. With over 60 locations in 9 western states, RSD is still able to expand in a commodity driven marketplace and is planning to add additional locations and distribution centers in the coming years. RSD attributes its growth to innovation and customer service. Prior to implementing NowFORMS, RSD was mailing up to 12,000 invoices a week and they were sent from each of 60 plus locations. RSD’s largest customers could receive up to 25 different envelopes containing invoices from their various locations on any given day. This was not only impacting RSD’s bottom line with the added expense of mailing 25 different envelopes, it also had a detrimental effect on their receivables.

When looking for a document distribution solution, RSD wanted to not only consolidate mailings to their customers, they wanted to move into the digital age and send them electronically. “We are continually looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience. NowFORMS has helped make it easier for our customers to do business with us.”
Gordon Olson – VP of
Technology – RSD

The Solution

With NowFORMS, RSD was able to automate the transfer and conversion of paper documents, such as: invoices, statements, bill of adding, pick tickets and more … into print format for postal delivery, or into electronic formats for delivery via fax, email, print, web and digital archive. NowFORMS offered RSD a comprehensive solution combining document assembly, high-quality printing with NowFORMS’ e-document delivery capabilities for RSD’s customers and trading partners who prefer to receive business documents electronically.

“The NowFORMS solution has allowed RSD to reduce cost, improve efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction within our organization.” Gordon Olson – VP of Technology – RSD

Now, when a form change is required, it can be updated within the NowFORMS system and is available immediately at all of RSD’s locations. RSD further reduced its cost by combining invoices to individual customers from multiple branch locations. These invoices can be printed and mailed together, faxed, emailed or reviewed and
printed at the customers location via the web. RSD was able to convert fifty-percent of their customers to receive their invoices and statements electronically in the first
year. The centralized processing of invoices and the increased speed in which RSD’s customers receive them reduced their accounts receivable by at least two days. This resulted in RSD decreasing their printing and mailing expenses by eighty-percent.

RSD has recently implemented NowFORMS’ Self Service Web Portal. This web-based interface gives RSD’s customers a secure way to view, print and electronically distribute their own invoices and statements. By giving their customers this ability, RSD has given their Branch and Credit Mangers more time to run the business.

Rapid Return On Investment (ROI)

Return on RSD’s investment was immediate. In less than 6 months, RSD realized annualized savings of $10,000 on postage, forms, and dedicated labor. They also avoided the cost of new equipment and the effort of new implementation. Best of all their correspondence is professional-grade, delivery is fast and guaranteed, and they have document options to satisfy every customer’s need.

Learn how you too can save thousands of dollars by automating e-document processing and delivery with NowFORMS.  To view a comprehensive self-running demo of NowDocs visit us at AXIS-NowDocs or e-mail us at

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