IT Contingency Planning – Top Ten List

Information technology (IT) is a vital element in most business processes. Because IT resources are so essential to an organization’s
success, it is critical that the services provided by these systems are able to operate effectively without excessive interruption. Contingency
planning supports this requirement by establishing thorough plans and procedures and technical measures that can enable a system to be recovered
quickly and effectively following a service disruption or disaster. The Top Ten List below outlines some key items for consideration as you develop
your own IT Contingency Plan.

1. Inventory systems and applications in use.

2. Analyze business impact and determine Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Service Level Requirements (SLR) for:
a. Computer equipment
b. Network/communications equipment
c. Applications and data
d. Personnel

3. Develop a recovery strategy.

4. Document the recovery team, responsibilities and contact information.

5. Develop and document procedures for:
a. Preparedness
b. Emergency Response
c. Training and plan maintenance

6. Document a communications plan.

7. Develop a test plan and execute it regularly.

8. Train staff and practice on scheduled basis.

9. Acquire and stock equipment “spares” and software or predetermine and document where these items can be obtained in an emergency.

10. Review and revise the plan annually.

More information and resources on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning can be found at:

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