How can WMS help maximize an employee’s performance?

How good are the warehouse employees? Is there an employee who routinely outperforms the others? What is this employee is doing
differently? Is there an employee that isn’t pulling their weight? These are questions every warehouse manager needs to know. A Warehouse
Management System (WMS) can help your company sort through data to see how employees are performing. There are a number of ways in which Sage ACCPAC
WMS can help accomplish this goal.

In the WMS Console, under view, the warehouse manager can look at what a number of employees are doing on various handhelds throughout the warehouse
in real time. This is helpful at seeing exactly how individual employees are completing different task and see who is idle.

Using Web Dispatch, the warehouse manager is able to track employees through a number of different performance reports. In dealing with an employee
who may not be working as hard as expected, the manager can use the Picker InActivity Report to see precisely how long an employee has been doing
nothing. Another report, the Employee Activity Report, shows what an employee did throughout the day. The Employee Statistics Report allows the
manager to sort by activity (i.e. picking, receiving, or cycle counting) to monitor employees.

Improving employee productivity and efficiencies is one of the primary goals of an automated warehousing system. The return on investment (ROI)
provided by these efficiencies usually justifies a company’s investment in an automated system with short payback. If you have questions about
the different employee performance tools available in Sage ACCPAC WMS please contact us at
We’re here to help.

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