Empowering your HR Department by focusing on high value activities

HR departments are often overwhelmed with low value activities
such as filing performance reviews, filing supervisor notes, processing
benefit enrollments, answering employee inquiries about vacation and accrued
benefits. While necessary, these activities do not create the same value
if these efforts were more focused on recruitment of candidates or improving
the workplace for existing employees. One way to gain efficiencies in
the Human Resource Department is to delegate the responsibility of maintaining
routine employee information to employees themselves and their supervisors.

By using the existing features in Sage Accpac HRMS Series, security roles can
be set up so that supervisors can maintain information on their own direct
reports without seeing any other information in the HR Series Software.
They can enter performance reviews on their direct reports, document conversations,
produce correspondence and maintain any industry specific information
such as required training themselves. This allows the supervisor to use
the existing software to assist in managing their employees and eliminating
the redundancies in the HR department.

By implementing the Sage Accpac HRMS Self-Service module, employees can keep
their routine information updated such as current address, dependents,
emergency contacts and can see what benefits they are enrolled in, what
benefits are available and how much vacation time they have earned and
used. Employees can even self enroll in benefits they are eligible for
and request time off through HR Self-Service. Imagine the time savings
and the reduction of telephone calls the HR Department will have to handle
on routine information. The best part of the Sage Accpac HRMS Self-Service functionality
is that all the information collected can be either automatically updated
or reviewed by the HR Department before any updating takes place.

Another great feature of HR Self-Service is that any document or web
page can be linked to the Self-Service web page. That means employee handbooks,
health insurance plan documents, internal job openings, current company
sponsored events, and other pertinent information can be accessed through
HR Self-Service. Between the Correspondence Wizard and Sage Accpac HRMS Self-Service,
you can communicate information very easily to employees and keep a history
of it, with out a huge employee file.

All companies benefit from an efficient, effective HR Department. Let
Sage Accpac HRMS Series Software assist you in that goal. Contact us at info@axisglobalpartners.com.

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