How Can WMS Help My Business?

If your business is involved in the food processing industry in any way, there are regulations which take effect this year regarding the maintenance of certain information in compliance with the USDA Bioterrorism Act of 2002 (the Act).

Small businesses (defined for this regulation as 11-499 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs)) must comply by June 9, 2006, and very small businesses (defined for this regulation as 10 or fewer FTEs) have to comply by December 11, 2006.

The Act requires that the records are to be maintained at the establishment where the activities covered in the records occurred (onsite) or at a reasonably accessible location.

Records are to be made available when FDA has a reasonable belief that an article of food is adulterated and presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals, any records or other information to which FDA has access must be available for inspection and photocopying or other means of reproduction as soon as possible (not to exceed 24 hours from time of receipt of the official request). The records requested may be related to the manufacture, processing, packing, transporting, distribution, receipt, holding, or importation of such an article of food that are maintained by, or on behalf of, an entity subject to the recordkeeping regulation, and at any location.

The Act makes failure to establish and maintain the required records or failure to make them available to FDA a prohibited act. The Federal government can bring a civil action in Federal court to enjoin persons who commit a prohibited act; the Federal government also can bring a criminal action in Federal court to prosecute persons who commit a prohibited act.

So, how can WMS help?

Built into the Sage Accpac WMS software, the tracking of goods (with or without the tracking of lots and / or serial numbers and / or expiration dates) is automatically maintained within the system. A system log file is readily accessible from the Web Dispatch Console, and available reports within the system will provide the information in printed or electronic form at the push of a button.

Sage Accpac WMS provides an easy-to-use, easy to implement framework that can easily be integrated into an enterprise reporting system. Built for seamless integration with Sage Accpac ERP and Sage Pro ERP, the WMS component is one more piece of the total package to manage your business.

Contact us today for more information on meeting this regulatory compliance deadline or for additional assistance with your warehouse.

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