What’s New in Sage Accpac HRMS Series 6.5

We’re happy to announce Sage’s release of Sage Accpac HRMS Series version 6.5. With enhancements to the employee self-service function as well as other core functions, this new version will save HR professionals and employees valuable time and effort. Sage Accpac HRMS Series keeps your staff up to date with a comprehensive framework for organizing, streamlining, and automating benefits and administration processes. Powerful and flexible, Sage Accpac HRMS Series helps you accurately and efficiently manage your human resources and employee benefits responsibilities with real-time data available through your company intranet.

New features of the product include:

Now only one platform and one name-Sage Accpac HRMS Series.

Sage Accpac HRMS Series now ships with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE) as the backend database, providing industry-leading database security, integrity, and performance. MSDE replaces Jet (Microsoft Access) as the backend database for our Sage Accpac HRMS Series Corporate Edition customers. It also supplements existing support for our Sage Accpac HRMS Series Enterprise Edition customers already relying on Microsoft SQL Server. Sage is now shipping just one North American edition of the product.

New open enrollment capability.

Now, employees can enroll for their own benefits on their own time, right from their own computer. This feature, part of the Employee Self-Service module, will save HR administrators from getting bogged down in time-consuming paperwork.

Updated Employee Self-Service.

Employees can now request time off through the Sage Accpac HRMS Series Employee Self-Service module. Managers can view and approve the time-off requests online. If managers want to see all requests from their direct reports at once, a new “My Team” tab allows them to do so.

Expanded and improved reporting.

You can now produce the following reports through the HR Series Report Wizard:

– New EEO-4 report allows government agencies to quickly and easily compile the information they need to complete the EEO-4 form provided by the federal government.

– New Beneficiary report produces a list of an employee’s beneficiaries and their percentages for life and retirement plans.

– The existing Remittance report has been improved to support consolidated billing.

For more information on all the reports available with Sage Accpac HRMS 6.5, please download Accpac HR Reports.

New OSHA forms.

OSHA incident tracking and reporting is now capable of producing OSHA forms 300, 300A, and 301.

Updated COBRA administration.

– The Sage Accpac HRMS Series Cobra module has been updated to comply with the latest regulations, so that you can quickly produce the proper notices and letters required by law.

– Additional improvements to the COBRA module now make it easier to mix Active and COBRA Active Coverage-a need that may arise when an employee is divorced from his or her spouse.

Expanded employee selection criteria.

The Report, Employee Correspondence, and Batch Enrollment Wizards now allow users to filter employees by Hire Date, Termination Date, Next Review Date, Benefit Plans, Pay Period, and Self-Service Status.

Improved help system.

Customers will now find more detailed information about the uses and capabilities of the tools available in Sage Accpac HRMS Series.

More powerful importing.

– The Quickstart Import utility can now import employees’ review histories, making it easier than ever to centralize all your employee data.

– Other enhancements to Sage Accpac HRMS Series include multi-company support in Applicant Manager, a new Employee Picture report, and improved security for hiding employee social security numbers.

For more information, please contact us at info@axisglobalpartners.com.

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