Helping Salespeople Succeed by Understanding the “NUMBERS”

Have you ever spent weeks building a relationship with a key prospect only to have the order declined for credit problems?  Has your new client called because they received an invoice that was incorrectly billed?  Have your commission payments been delayed because of unpaid customer balances?

These are some of the complaints we receive from sales personnel when the Sales and Finance Departments are not connected.  At Axis, we assist our clients by offering solutions that lead to faster deliveries, more accurate billings and improved customer service.  It lets salespeople focus on what they do best – SELL.  As a result, revenues increase and Finance and Sales department folks are collaborating to achieve the same end goal.

Having real time access to customer credit, sales history, invoice information and customer balances by integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications with your ERP (Accounting software) improves information flow and allows the Finance and Sales departments to proactively solve customer issues quickly and successfully. For example, sales personnel can be alerted when their assigned customers have outstanding balances that exceed their credit limit or if their account becomes delinquent.  Knowing about potential payment issues before a client visit can help get issues resolved before additional orders are processed and subsequently delayed when they reach the Finance department.

With respect to customer retention, how important would it be for you to be alerted when a current customer has not bought from you in the last 6 months?  We all know that new customer acquisition is more expensive than retaining current customers. By having access to meaningful sales forecasts, the Finance department can ascertain that resources are in place to handle increased volumes.  This in turn helps salespeople maximize on their opportunities and lead to a win-win for the salesperson and the company.

Obtaining this collaboration between departments that are commonly at odds is the greatest business benefit of having access to information that is current and relevant to both.  By working together, company goals are achieved, customers are satisfied and revenues increase.

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