What’s New with Sage ACCPAC WMS

Axis Global Partners is proud to have been chosen as one of 7 business partners in North America to take part in a limited preview of the newest update to Sage Accpac WMS. This new version promises many enhancements and features.

How will this impact your business? What hardware will be supported? Will the new version work with Microsoft SQL Server 2005? What new features are available? Should your existing WMS software be upgraded now? Is now the time to implement an integrated WMS solution? These are questions we can answer with you as we plan the move to the new WMS version.

Here’s a short list of bullet points related to the new release.

  • Integrated shipping with UPS or multi-carrier shipping (note that this requires the EOL & Shipping module)
  • More and modified reports for the web dispatch user.
  • New allocation rule capability to avoid emptying a bin and requiring replenishment
  • Enhanced web interface
  • Cycle Count can now be done by Product!!!
  • Third party software is available for the truck routing process.
  • Clone picking for major retailer-type order to scan a “master” order
  • Seamless integration with UPS WorldShip
  • Multi-Zone expanded beyond 26 zones (single character zone label)
  • SWOG – ship with other goods – groups shipments to the same customer, accumulating SWOG orders which are grouped and released based on flag
  • hat says “I’m not a SWOG order”
  • Can create an optional field in SA-ERP to pass this flag
  • Staging allows placement of picked orders prior to shipping.
  • Handheld shipping menu now has “Stage Order”
  • Multi-carrier shipping provides multi-carrier integration with VSync’s VShip module.
  • Supports reverse kitting in addition to kitting
  • Putaway/Slotting
    • Enables directed putaway
    • Creates slotting reports
  • Warehouse transfers creates a transfer sales order (for shipping) and transfer purchase order (for receiving)
  • Container receiving by inbound manifest
  • Vendor Portal used for creation of compliant labels for the VENDOR so client can scan on the way in.
  • Cross-Dock uses ASNs to process cartons in & out.
  • Demand Management considers the use of materials in kitting process for dependent and independent demand.
  • RFID via TraxWare RFID Compliance Package from System Concepts, Inc. with integration with AWMS
  • Threads are now Tasks and can be configured and managed within Web Dispatch.
  • Logs are now text files and are stored by date in text file, not in database.

The new version is now modular, so you install the components you need, allowing the addition of other functions when and if they become necessary (like support for carousels or conveyors, for example). Contact us at info@axisglobalpartners.com and we’ll help with your warehouse!

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