The basic reporting requirements are:

1) All employers with 100 or more employees; or

2) All federal government contractors and first-tier subcontractors with 50 or more employees and a contract amounting to $50,000 or more.

If you have to file, how hard is it for you to prepare this report every year? Wouldn’t it be great to just print the report when it’s due? To already have all the information in one place? HR Series is the answer.

The EEO-1 Survey is due by September 30 of each year, and is based on any one payroll during the third quarter. Employers are required to report employment data by race/ethnicity, gender and job categories. Most payroll systems don’t keep all this information unless optional fields are used. This makes for an interesting challenge to extract the information based on active employees for a specific pay period.

Is this the scenario in your office – The HR Director realizes it’s September 15th and the EEO-1 Survey hasn’t been completed. He/she has the payroll clerk provide a list of employees paid in the last pay period in Excel. The HR Director pulls out the booklet to determine the different categories of race and job classification and enters his/her best guess or has to go through employee files to gather the information. Then there’s the sorting and totaling and finally filling out the form.

Instead of that hassle, HR Series has a specific area designed to capture all the required information, and the EEO-1 Survey comes with the software. That way, for each new hire, the correct ethnicity and job classification are assigned to the employee record, and the information is kept as long as you have the software. That way, in case of discrimination lawsuits, all the information for all the employees is available, instead of just the yearly report based on one pay period.

As you can see with this screen shot, Veteran’s information is kept as well. This functionality is just one more reason to use HR Series Software to manage your employee’s information. For a demonstration of HR Series, please contact your business partner.

For more details about EEO reporting and on-line filing, check out the EEOC web site: http://www.eeoc.gov/.

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