Why can’t Jim Sell? (Or Sally for that matter) Part 2

How do you position yourself as a REAL professional?

A professional is defined as an expert in his or her field.

So how do we become an expert?

  • Learn all you can about your products or services
  • Understand that learning is a journey, a “never ending” journey
  • Profess your knowledge with an attitude of how can I help
  • Dress for success, not because the dressing is success, but because your customers deserve your best and you represent your company, and yourself.
  • Although I mentioned it in my last article, it deserves mentioning again. Everything you do must represent excellence.
  • Be grateful. Always send a thank you note after a new customer has signed on
  • Be prompt. When your customers know you keep commitments it sends a message that you care about them.
  • Take part in improving your product or service, there is always a better way.
  • Remember your product or service is all about helping someone else to succeed.
  • Check your ego at the door.

If you haven’t “caught it” yet, this is how you become the trusted advisor. This occurs when the customer “trusts” that you have their interests ahead of yours

So in summary a daily practice of doing all in excellence, reading something that strengthens your knowledge in your industry, becomes a servant with a grateful heart, put your customer’s interest before yours and you will be a REAL Professional.

Today’s thought…

Some say that selling is the second oldest profession; this is open to some debate. In order for that profession (not to be mentioned) to be first we must acknowledge, that service had to be sold… so at the least, it’s a tie!

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